Varalen Trading Corp Introduces New Products for Clients

Varalen Trading Corp Introduces New Products for Clients
April 04 09:30 2009 Print This Article

Varalen Trading Corp., a fast-growing provider of integrated solutions for brokerage businesses, has released a new round of updates. The company added FIX API to its innovative LPBUS ECN trading platform, which was first released last year and is actively used by brokers around the world.

FIX API is a simple protocol that allows massive amounts of data to be transferred at high frequencies almost instantaneously. Developed specifically for the financial sector, it contains standardized language that allows market participants to freely interact with one other.

Yet another noteworthy benefit of FIX API is that it is a protocol used by all, so there is no need to spend time establishing a FIX connection. Today this protocol is the standard communication method in the financial industry with which Varalen Corp. now conforms.

“Previously, connecting to our ECN was possibly only through MT4 (MetaTrader 4). This new API allows brokers to connect any trading platforms and custom monitoring systems to LPBUS. To understand how much this simplifies the process, it is enough to know, for example, that orders are executed in less than 1 ms through FIX API, compared to the 20 to 30 ms it takes for trades to go through in MT4. The difference is impressive,” noted Managing Director Magrietha Stanford.

According to Stanford, the addition of FIX API to LPBUS will help Varalen attract new clients through brokers working on platforms other than MetaTrader.

“Our another achievement is an upgrade of the order imbalance monitoring system. We created it as a standalone product independent from LPBUS. What does this give our clients? First, the opportunity to monitor imbalances across all open positions on MT4 and all open positions on all LPs. Second, the opportunity to immediately correct the imbalance through any means convenient for the broker:

  1. Open more positions on LP
  2. Partially or fully close open positions on LP, including netting positions
  3. Swap (with re-opening) positions from one LP to another.

“The imbalance monitoring module can be used by all brokers for managing risks, including brokers who are not our clients. The module is available regardless of the platform,” added Magrietha Stanford.

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