Types Of Insurance Policies For Plumbing Businesses

Types Of Insurance Policies For Plumbing Businesses
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In the plumbing industry, a sound insurance policy can mean the difference between an injured plumber and a legal dispute involving the damage of client goods and structures. Picking the right sort of coverage based on your business is essential to succeed in the hotly-contested arena of plumbing. It is mandatory in most states to obtain insurance for plumbing businesses, regardless of size. While there are a variety of options out there, not everything is essential. It all depends on the nature of the service you provide. Ask yourself these questions before taking the plunge:

  • What sort of business am I?
  • What are the risks that are often associated with the segment of the industry I am working in?
  • Does this insurance cover all the situations that could arise during the course of the business?
  • Does the state require me to possess this insurance?
  • Do my investors need me to carry this policy?

Here are some of the common small plumbing business insurance policies that you ought to keep an eye on.

General Liability Insurance

It comes in when you need to pay claims in case you lose a lawsuit. This can be with an injured client, an employee, or a supplier. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a physical injury, it could be a financial loss as well.

Workers Compensation Insurance

This protects a business from employees who file lawsuits for work-related injuries or illnesses. It usually provides the employee with benefits that help cover medical expenses, lost wages and rehabilitation costs if needed.

Product Liability Insurance

This form of insurance pays an injured person’s settlement or lawsuit claim that may arise from a faulty or defective product. This is usually from the manufacturer’s end, be it a design or manufacturing defect. It might also arise from a failure to clearly explain how to operate the said product.

Commercial Property Insurance

These policies cover damages to your business properties. From the structural integrity of your building to your inventory and equipment, it gives you the funds to replace them in the event of a disaster, be it man-made or otherwise.

Business Owner’s Policy (BOP)

This plan combines a couple of coverage plans at an affordable rate, making it the perfect choice for small businesses. It often covers general liability, business income, and commercial property insurances.

Commercial Auto Insurance

This covers the automobiles you use for your business. It could range from a single car to a fleet of vehicles. While these policies are on the costlier end of the spectrum, they can protect your vehicles from accidental damages.

Commercial Umbrella Policy

Think of this policy of a “gap” insurance. It temporarily protects you when a court verdict exceeds your genal liability insurance limits.

Liquor Liability Insurance

It covers harm to property and bodily injuries caused by an intoxicated person served liquor by the policyholder.

Professional Liability

This policy covers the damages that can arise from massive mistakes, especially in professions where errors can lead to terrible losses.

Surety Bond

This is a contract where one party guarantees the quality of its obligations of a second party (contractor) to a third party who is the recipient of said obligations.

Invest in the right policies to protect yourself from untoward incidents. Insurance for plumbing business is one that needs to be chosen with a great deal of care. Pick from the above policies based on your requirements.

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