Trade X1, the Ultimate Guide to Trade

Trade X1, the Ultimate Guide to Trade
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Trade X1 was opened by a group of experts, who desired to see people become wealthy through online trading. The team envisioned the traders receiving the best education and information on trading; consequently, the traders would make informed choices in their trading endeavors. The mission has succeeded since the company now has a global reach and traders on the site are successful in their business. However, it takes constant effort by the management to ensure that all the support team members and account managers are well equipped for their jobs.

Support Team

The support team is available on a 24-hour basis, 6 days a week, to assist the customers with the latest information in trading. The support team is well taught on trading matters to offer the best information and advice to all the customers who contact them; they major on business and market analysis. The support team members are also multilingual to attend to a wide background of customers that are drawn from all corners of the globe. Moreover, the team is taught on the best skills of handling customers so that they do not mishandle people as they transact. You can reach the support team through email, phone, and live chat conversations.

Account managers

In a similar manner, the account managers at the company are also reputable for serving their customers and meeting their needs and expectations. The team always follows and focuses on the newest trends on the market to ensure that the TradeX1 clients are supplied with the best software and information. The above aids them in being more profitable and creating a wealth portfolio on the site. In short, the account managers have all your answers no matter how complicated the question is.

Trade instruments

Several instruments are put into use at the company and these include Forex, World Indices, commodities, equities US, Equities Asia, Equities India, and equities Europe. Forex trading has become very common across the world, with the forex market registering over 4 trillion people on a daily market. The government policies, as well as the technological advancements, have contributed greatly to the increased business areas and capacity. TradeX1 has been at the forefront of increasing the number of currencies that are used in the forex business. The impact has lured others into similar business making forex a very popular trade platform.

Oil Trading

Oil trading has also been done since 2005 using the Electronic Intercontinental Exchange (ICE). In the program, each contract is made of 100 barrels, which also go for one lot. At, the same measure is used in oil trading. In the past, oil was limited to a few individuals but it is now traded by all who wish to in the company. Oil is a profitable trading resource since it is a primary energy product. There have been sharp rises and falls in the oil prices that have made oil volatile; the unpredictable daily prices make oil a good investment opportunity for traders. To trade oil, traders at the company are advised on how oil volatility affects the trade and various platforms are used to offer the information. These include mobile, desktop and web options.

For the best outcome in oil trading, one is advised to use the Sirix and MT4 Platforms. They should also include oil in the expert advisor strategies so that they can get all the necessary information. Trade X1 as well offers the necessary research tools to the traders; these assist them to make informed choices in their trade operations. The company also works in collaboration with international banks to help the customers enjoy tight spreads.

Types of Accounts

There are several types of accounts at The most recommended type is the Gold Account, although there are other types such as standard, silver, and VIP. The Gold account is most recommended.

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