The pros and cons of fundraising online and offline

The pros and cons of fundraising online and offline
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Getting donations for any effort is seriously the most sensible thing to do under the present circumstances because it is a great way to help a lot of people across the globe. While offline fundraising has been there in some form or other for at least a few centuries, the middle class across the globe is slowly waking up to the enormous potential of online fundraising. And like everything, both of them come with their pros and cons. Here is a quick look at them.

Pros of online fundraising

  •         People can donate from anywhere around the globe, surpassing geographical limitations.
  •         The number of potential donors is infinite.
  •         Gives the best visibility.
  •         Is much less risky as compared to traditional fundraisers.
  •         Saves enormously on time and effort as compared to offline fundraising- tax information and donor receipts, acknowledgements to donors, data collection, record keeping, etc., all these are preplanned and automated.
  •         It is really easy to set up an online fundraising campaign as the platforms come with the maximum user benefit.
  •         It is very cheap and efficient.
  •         It is best with emergencies.

Cons of online fundraising

  •         There are a lot of technological complications involved.
  •         Your rate of success depends on the stability and visibility of the fundraising platform.
  •         Overheads can be more due to online transactions (depends on the kind of transaction)
  •         It becomes difficult in societies where crowdfunding is catching up newly. In the case of India, only the middle-class and up have access to crowdfunding platforms in India.
  •         Since now every other smart guy is jumping the crowdfunding bandwagon, the crowdfunding platforms are overcrowded. Even enhanced attention-seeking methods won’t serve the purpose always.
  •         It is still difficult for startups to use the full potential of online donations due to legalities. They have to go back to offline transactions.

Pros of offline fundraising

  •         It is still the go-to method for charity at least. This is the first thing that comes to people’s minds when it comes to donations.
  •         By hosting events like competitions and marathons, you can get a lot of people to contribute to your cause, even those who do not have an online presence.
  •         It lets even the financially underprivileged help you.
  •         Increases local presence.

Cons of offline fundraising

  •         Since it involves campaigning methods like walking in the heat and knocking from door to door, it takes a lot of time and is immensely tiring.
  •         It would require a lot of planning and manpower.
  •         It is mostly limited to local people.
  •         The rate of return is not enough to keep up with the degree of investment. Even the privileged won’t donate as much as they would for online crowdfunding.
  •         It requires a lot of extra work like manual transfers and tax computations.
  •         An increasing number of people are falling off the traditional fundraising grid.

These points would suffice to show you that online fundraising is indispensable really. It all comes down to management, by which many of the cons can be further reduced. Platforms like Crowdfunding India are really adept at handling this.

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