Simplified Way to Invest in Crypto Currency

by Ismael Frederick | July 19, 2018 1:53 pm

Are you trading in bitcoins or altcoins? Do you need to have full control of your transactions in a simplified way? If the answer of the two questions is yes, then BTC wallet[1] may be of help to you.

In the recent years, there has been an increase use of cryptocurrencies[2] since the governments or banks do not control this new currency by manipulating the value to their needs. As a result, your money will have guaranteed high stability and your return on investment will always be high.

As the demand for cryptocurrencies increase, the wallets have increased in usage. This wallet is capable of securely storing and managing your different types of cryptocurrencies. All you need is to create an account first.

After making your final decision to trade in digital currency, you are required to use private keys to access the public address of your money and also interact with various block chains[3] available. Those keys need a wallet which safely stores them. The wallet offers you with the ability to transact with more than 25 currencies and ability to monitor your transactions.

When you send bitcoin to someone, you sign off the ownership of the coins to the designated wallet. The wallet will match the private key with the public address of the currency. If they match, the balance in your wallet reduces and the one in the receiver increases. Since the real money is not involved, only processing is needed thus making you retain the highest value of the money.

You can use the wallet as a web application or a mobile application supported by iPhone, iPad or Android operating systems.

Web Application

This application prompts you to use your computing device to access the site at any location. By just creating an account, you are ready to do transactions. You can finish your purchases by logging out from your system. The entire wallet will be running in the cloud thus more convenient to access. The wallet implements different security measures to protect your private keys from vulnerabilities.

Mobile Application

Users of mobile phones which use iPhone, iPad and Android operating systems can download and install the application from either Google play store or app store. Once you sign up to the app, you can use it anywhere in the world given that mobile phones have the highest flexibility. The app is just simpler and smaller to optimize the phone space.

wallet is mainly used to invest in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. With the use of the wallet, you can easily buy, sell store or even send your bitcoins to all over the world depending on your location. For residents of U.S and Philippines, you can use your bank account to buy the bitcoins. For those in the Philippines, you can use real cash. Within the wallet, you can exchange your fiat or bitcoin to different cryptocurrencies of your choice without the need to create and manage different keys.


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