Prepping Your Home for a Zombie Apocalypse

Prepping Your Home for a Zombie Apocalypse
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You can never be too safe these days! A zombie apocalypse may happen and if in the event of it happening, you want to be insanely prepared! (You can also have fun laughing at everyone getting killed as you look out the window of your super-safe, protected and strong home. Remember, they’re going to be the ones who called you crazy). There’s many different ways to prepare for the oncoming doom but remember that there could be many different types of zombies, so here we have tips that can accommodate all different mutant species!

Some of these are super drastic but if you really are a zombie crazed fanatic, you’ll understand that they can become super useful! It doesn’t hurt to come prepared! It’s always the things you think won’t happen, that happen.

House with heights or desolation from other places are perfect for surviving the apocalypse. Preferably bodies of water surrounding the area. This way, assuming the undead can’t swim, will make it impossible to reach. Also, if you build a house on platforms or stilts will minimise the chance of invasion (yet again, assuming they can’t climb). Installing a drawbridge or ladders with an automatic feature will also ensure you can get there but also stop others from getting in.

Minimal windows and reinforced walls and doors are essential for stopping humans and the undead. Reinforced walls provide a smash proof safety net and could possibly help prevent even explosion damage. Getting some SMP Steel Security Doors can also provide another layer of security. Windows? That’s a no-go. They’re easily breakable and enables you to be seen.

Hiding underground can also be very beneficial. Zombies are dead, therefore they most likely won’t have strength to climb very far or dig. They also rely on senses to find you out. Being underground can provide a barrier where they can’t smell, see and even hear you. It also enables you to build as big as you want, to create more supply storage and makes water easier to collect (through underground water channels).

Food and supplies will be scarce so get prepping by possible creating a farm for meat such as chickens and pigs (which don’t require as much room and can be contained underground with the right oxygen filters and water channels). Also, how about making your own Hydroponic farm for vegetables and fruit. It requires no soil and very little material and has the added benefit of quicker growing combined with larger amounts and sizes of produce.

Power on with a generator. Power will be very scarce but keeping a backup generator is essential for emergencies. Make sure to stock up on lots of fuel or even find out how to harvest energy from the ground.

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