Motor and home insurance- Everything you need to know!

Motor and home insurance- Everything you need to know!
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Motor and home insurances are the two types of insurances that most people take up in their lifetime apart from the general insurance policies. Invariably, every individual has one form of automobile or the other in possession and also has a house under their name. These two forms of insurances help to provide security to both the assets. Both these insurances cover the loss that one can incur due to damage to the automobile or the property and the house that one owns. Though the idea behind the two remains the same, these two have their own sub-categories and conditions that one need to consider when they take up the home insurance or the motor insurance in Dubai.

Motor insurance can also be called as automotive insurance and signed between the insurance agency and the insurer. According to this, the individual gets into a contract with the agency wherein he can claim any form of loss that his automobile like motorcycle or car incurs due to several reasons. More than the motorcycles, insurance for the cars have become highly common in today’s world.Motor insurance

When it comes to motor insurance in Dubai, there are few things that one needs to know, in terms of the various types that are available in this particular sector. The various types include,

  • Coverage of liability

This covers the general bodily injury and the damage to property. The liability coverage pays for any kind of bodily damage that one might incur and the property damage is the money that the person responsible for the damage is supposed to pay to the victim. The second case happens if the individual does any damage or causes physical injury to the other person while driving.

  • Coverage for collision

Collision coverage covers all types of collisions that the vehicle might have, including the car colliding with lamp posts, railings, fences or a telephone pole.

  • Medical coverage:

Under this, the insurance company pays you for the physical injury that you or the person with you might have incurred during the journey.

  • Comprehensive coverage

The comprehensive coverage will cover the loss that one might incur while repairing the dents and the broken windows. This coverage will include all damages that have been caused to car due to theft and breaking in.

  • Personal injury protection

Apart from the regular medical expenses, the personal injury protection covers the loss of work pay, rehabilitation costs and the cost for the funeral, if there is the need.

Home insurance options

Home insurance or homeowner insurance, is taken up by individuals who own private properties. All kinds of loss, including the ones that were caused due to the damage by rain, storm and other environmental factors, are covered under the home insurance. Thefts are also covered under the policy and the person can claim the money for repairing the damages that have been caused. The conditions and the clauses may differ with regards to the region in which the person takes up the policy from.

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Pibco, having years of experience in motor insurance in Dubai, has helped a great deal of clients in choosing the best insurance deal for their vehicle. They also provide advice on matters that include home insurance needs.

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