MobileGO ICO price

MobileGO ICO price
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MobileGO is a unique project of its kind, the foundation of which is blockchain technology. The basic principle of work is similar to the cryptocurrency Ethereum — the implementation of smart contracts. Using the computing power of the platform, developers of applications can create and upload their creations.

The main idea guided by the creators of the MGO platform is to reduce the impact of Android and iOS in the mobile applications market. These two “giants” “declared” a monopoly in the territory of the CIS, the United States and Europe — today they own 98% of the market (according to MobileGO estimates, $53 billion). According to preliminary forecasts, in 2 years the size of the market according to MobileGO ICO price, may increase to $85 billion. For example, in China a great many similar monopoly corporations share the overwhelming majority of the market among themselves.

Advantages of the MobileGO platform

To start the “conquest” of the mobile applications market, the platform should lure potential customers (in this case, their developers) – for example, with more profitable offers. For example, the Play Market and the AppStore charge a third of all revenue generated from the sale of the laid out applications. MobileGO charges only a tenth of your earnings – that is, only 10%. This “generous” offer has allowed attracting over 500 games and applications.

But the benefits do not end there either. To receive a reward, on Google Play and the AppStore, developers will have to wait for about 2 calendar months – a fairly-long time, especially considering the fact that you can not find out what’s going on with your cash amount. The MobileGO platform promises the guaranteed payments within 60 hrs – 24 times faster!

Future plans

The developers of the platform set as their goal the “destruction” of the monopoly in the mobile applications market. Many developers, as well as users of mobile applications choose Google Play or the AppStore, not because of their advantages, due to the lack of alternatives. To increase the popularity of MGO, the creators create a decentralized system based on blockchain. It will be used to conduct various e-sports events.

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