Making an instant payment in a safe way is now possible

Making an instant payment in a safe way is now possible
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It could be that while reading the title, your reaction may express skepticism. But we love to communicate that making an instant money transfer is now possible. Why? Because an app for transferring money – Verse has arrived. VERSE is a mobile app of recent launch whose system allows you to make instant payments in a safe way, and will end uversp with your frustration when making a transfer.

The aim and the value purpose of their founders, Alex Lopera, Borja Rossell and Dario Nieuwenhuis, is to become the WhatsApp of payments, that is to say, that sending or asking for money could be as easy as sending a text message to a friend.

A free, easy and fast app

By now, the user acceptation is being a success. Either because it is about a free app or because all its advantages and facilities it offers, VERSE seems to come to stay. They simply charge a small commission in those transactions that suppose a currency exchange, so sending or receiving money nationally or between countries that share the same money it’s totally free.

Its easy usability takes away our anxiety of knowing whether a transfer has been done correctly. Its simple interface and intuitive design makes that only with a click we can ask or send money to one of our contacts. To enjoy the app, we just have to download it in our Smartphone (Android or IOS) and link our credit card to our profile.


The moment of consumption is also an advantage. We are constantly connected to the mobile phone. How could not be any app in which we could make transactions through the dispositive we use the most? Now, when we go to have dinner with our friends, we can divide the bill in an online pot, so that everyone can pay its part instantly.

Totally safe

Thanks to the Blockchain technology (a chain with blocks), we assure that the app complies with all the security we need in these kind of movements.

This system, born in 2009 hand by hand with the virtual coin Bitcoin, works as a registration book of buying and selling operations. This information is stored in a data base which security is manipulation and fraud proof, so any change made in a point of this chain, can’t affect the rest. Thus, the concept of block.

Under this technology, VERSE is presented as a 100% secure app and as a “cash safe” entity.

Send and receive money instantly

We usuallybump into situations that we have to share a small cost and we start to divide bills, check who owes to who and when the debt is going to be paid off.

But, thanks to VERSE, these headaches are over.

Now, you can send and ask for money to your friends, relatives and familiars. Whether it is to share the travel costs, to set up a party or to divide the bill of the dinner, this app makes it easy. And all in the palm of your hand!

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