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by Lana Walton | November 30, 2016 6:11 pm

A good entrepreneur is one who is a good visionary too. Without the edge of thinking and the right vision to perceive the future, you won’t e able to give shape to your dreams, and define things. That is why; Liefschultz emerged out as the entrepreneur he always wanted to be, to make many other the entrepreneur they want to be. It’s an interesting journey. A man first understood what it takes to reach those goals and fulfill the dreams, and later applied them in his work in such a way, that it has been helping thousands ever since.


Where Liefschultz started it all?

The story started with his working with several companies like Xox Corp, Teledigital Inc, First Bank Florida etc, where he gave his valuable opinion about managing finances, making healthy and wise investments, and investing money in ways that can make the businesses quality assets for the long term. The whole planning got stuck for most businesses generally at one point, and that was funding. In the process he understood the challenges real well, and found out ways that can help any ambitious business or individual interested in commercial investment and projects efficiently. As a result the Remada Company and the Equity Bank both came into existence, which were led by Liefschultz. He was the CEO of both companies, and also the chairman.

How the Equity Bank works?

The Equity Bank is a private financial institution, and the brain child of Steve Liefschultz[1]. The institution is made to help young talents grow, experienced people meet their dreams, and businesses proliferate and develop in the state of Minnesota. The bank is in the two cities of Claremont and Minnetonka, and the whole state of MN can get funded by the financial company. For this Liefschultz brought into action the process of investment lines of credit loans and loans for real estate investment. Here again he started processing the loans, only when he saw that the project was calculated to be strong enough to give return in future.

How the loans are given?

Loans are needed often. To buy real estate and to invest in several businesses measures you may be bestowed with lots of ideas all the time, but not with enough funds everytime. Moreover there are business owners who would rather spend from an external source than call their already accumulated source from revenue. In all such cases it’s not a wise thing to apply for individual loans every time.

The best way therefore, as suggested by Steve Liefschultz[1], is to get a fixed line of credit approved by a bank or finance company. And then you may get the funds within that credit line as and when needed. This is a simple process that never burdens the borrower with a timeline and amount for repayment. Rather the business person can stay relaxed while using the loan, spend an amount, repay it back as per convenience while repaying all interest accumulated on the drawn amount, and then access more funds when again needed. This can be an ongoing process and continuous process once the loan gets approved, and the credit access is on.

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