It is easy to accept credit card payment online in this era

It is easy to accept credit card payment online in this era
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For any business, the customer first has to be the motto as a happy customer may not offer more business, but a dissatisfied one may surely cause harm. You may lose the business in case the customer is with a credit card only, and you don’t have a swipe machine. Obviously, it will not create a good impression of the store on the customer. In this age when the digital payment is easy, you must get a system of online payment which can not only facilitate the customer but also help you boost the business. It is a quick and secure way of payment.

How to receive online payment?

Well, there are various options to get paid online. You can have a swipe machine or a payment gateway on your site to receive payment form a customer online. If a customer buys something from your website, he can be provided with the option of online credit card payment via a secured gateway if you have got this system on your site.  In case the customer visits your shop and want to pay with the help of a credit card you can help him with the help of a swipe machine which is linked to your internet merchant account. The payment in such a transaction can be transferred in a few seconds whom you can also check in your account. In the case of a card not present you need to be more careful as there is no option that as a seller you can verify the card.

The swipe machine:

The swipe machine is a portable device that is connected to the bank account of the merchant via electronic channel and internet. It transmits the data of the card to the concerned payment gateway where the data is verified, and payment is approved or declined as per the situation of the card. For online credit card payment, one needs to either swipe the card in the slot provided on the bottom or any side of the machine. The card has information stored in digital form on its magnetic chip which is read by the machine. In some machines, one can also find the slot where one has to insert the card rather swiping it. However, the basic function of both the systems is the same only. Once the card detail is punched the required amount gets transferred to internet merchant account of the vendor and transaction can be declared as complete. Hence payment and receipt are made simple by the card and machines.

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