Innovative Ideas to Optimize Your Return on Trade Show Exhibit Investment

Innovative Ideas to Optimize Your Return on Trade Show Exhibit Investment
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Trade shows offer a greater exposure to your brand. However, it requires you to spend a great deal of time, effort and money to make your exhibits a grand success. Therefore, you must make most of the opportunity for optimized ROI. Here are some innovative and excellent ideas to make your trade show exhibits highly successful.

Stay Active on Social Media

Exploit the power of social media to create interest among the potential visitors. Invite a cheerleader or celebrity to your booth and give the attendees an opportunity to take photos with them. Post these photos on social media and tag the visitors. By posting and sharing a few photos, you are promoting your brand in front of millions of people using the social media.

Offer Interactive Experience

Having an LED display or other entertainment delights at your booth will compel the visitors to stick around. Exploit the innovatively interactive ways to draw the trade fair goers to check in your stall so that they can get a chance to throw a look at your offers and know more about your company. By setting up a strong link between the company and consumers, you give them a chance to experience how much different and excellent your products are.

Get Creative for Smaller Stalls

Most trade shows allot only a limited space to the participating companies. Get creative to make a good use of the smaller space. Spread a colorful tablecloth to catch attention. Use pop-up banners side by side to make the background interesting and immersive. It is possible to minimize setup time and still make the small space visually enticing.

Offer Food to Attract Traffic

Good food is a delicious draw for the attendees. Mouth-watering snacks, steamy spreads and mocktails drive the weary attendees crazy. Customizing food packages with your company name and contact information will introduce your products and/or services in a tasty way.

Promote Your Brand with a Free Game

Nothing attracts like free offers! Promotional free offers are an excellent way to spread brand awareness. Go creative with your giveaway offers. Use the interesting giveaways to promote your company. For example, make it public that only those using your offer at the show can take part in a game and win prizes.

Offer a Value-Added Incentive

The purpose of your participation in the trade show is to promote your company and product profile. Therefore, set aside something special for the traffic streaming into your booth. Develop a special landing website page, offer an e-book or create an instructional video to add an extra value to your trade show displays and bond with the attendees beyond the expo.

Set up a Charging Station

Many visitors roam around for a long time in trade fairs. They may need a charging station to recharge their device. Set up a USB charging port at your booth or a wireless charging station. When the device is on charge, keep them engaged with interesting conversation and entertainment activities to develop bonding.

Literally speaking, you can toy with many innovative and effective ideas to take your trade show displays to the next level.

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