Finding the right tax accountant or CPA – How to go about the process?

Finding the right tax accountant or CPA – How to go about the process?
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Almost all individuals and businessmen know how to find an accountant but very few are aware of the ways in which they can find a good and worthy CPA or a Certified Public Accountant. Working with the best CPA can make all the difference to the financial aspects of your business. As there are too many unqualified CPAs in the market, it can cost the clients thousands of dollars every year in the form of wrong calculations and IRS audits. So, how can you make sure that you hire the best CPA in the market?

If you reside in Israel, can be one of the most trustworthy resources for finding the best CPAs in Israel who can work with your company. If you’re someone who is facing issues in filing back taxes or combating an IRS audit or paying off tax debt, we’re here to help you regarding choosing the best CPA in the market who can eliminate all your business financial woes.

Remember that you might not always receive what you pay for

In case you are going through complicated tax situations, stay away from the tax preparing alternatives which come in cheap and handy. They are always bad options when you’re already in trouble. According to what your situation demands, you should work with a higher and more powerful tax pro. Just because you’re paying an arm and leg for hiring the CPA, that doesn’t mean that he is giving the best advice. So, stop assuming that you’re receiving great advice because you’re spending loads on him.

Don’t believe so fast on referrals

There are many clients who simply love their CPA initially till they understand later on that they’re not worth the love. Clients are usually in the dark regarding the damage that their CPAs cause and so it is recommended that people should not blindly trust the referrals. When you sit for interviewing the candidate, ask whether or not the return is simple enough to be done by yourself or whether you require seeking help of a third party. If you are talking to an honest CPA, he will give you a straight-cut answer.

Ask the right questions before hiring

Once you streamline your choice to at least 5 candidates, design the perfect list of questions. Here are few you should focus on:

  • What sort of clients do you work with and why?
  • What span of time have you been in this business?
  • What time do you require in turning your preparation work to be able to file on time?
  • What makes you different from other CPAs?
  • What are your charges for your services?
  • Do you offer protection against IRS audit?
  • Did you ever have any negative complaints from clients?

Based on the answers to the above mentioned questions, you should determine which CPA might be best to work with. Choose someone who has your best interests in mind.

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