Crowdfunding Tips for One Month of Fundraising

Crowdfunding Tips for One Month of Fundraising
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Launching your crowdfunding India campaign is only the beginning of the exciting and interesting crowdfunding journey that is ahead of you, especially if you are raising funds online for a social cause. The rewards will be rich if you can do it right. To help you get your best grasp of crowdfunding India, we have compiled thirty top tips. Here goes:

  1. Start a fundraiser. Most platforms will let you do this for free!
  2. Populate it. Fill in your basic details and contact information. Then wait for the fundraiser to go live.
  3. Once it is ready to accept donations, you will need photos to populate it. Find the best ones you have that throw light on your project, and hit “Upload.”
  4. Shoot a video about your campaign agenda. Upload again.
  5. Share your campaign. Facebook, first.
  6. WhatsApp is also a great source of gaining traction to your fundraiser. Share with your contacts.
  7. Set aside a little time to write a very brief call to action for Instagram and Twitter.
  8. Post your fundraiser link on these social media platforms with that little, strong CTA.
  9. Repeat. You need to share multiple times a day to reach the maximum number of donors and for crowdfunding success.
  10. See who has donated already. Thank them on social media.
  11. Go through your email contact list. Send a simple missive to everyone, and ask for funds explaining why.
  12. Pick up the phone. Call five friends from school or college and ask for a contribution.
  13. Get yourself some rest. You deserve it.
  14. Update the fundraiser page. Do you have new photos? Post them!
  15. Are the funds already starting to make a difference? Tell your donors how!
  16. If you really want your NGO project to go through the roof, get in touch with the media.
  17. Tag celebrities in your social media posts. Ask for help.
  18. Create a page for the fundraiser on Facebook. Direct viewers to your fundraiser so they can donate.
  19. Go for a walk. It clears out the head unlike anything else!
  20. Create a simple poster for your fundraiser. Get it printed. Put it up at your housing society, workplace, and local public parks.
  21. Visit your old school and college to address a crowd of interested students and ask for donations or even volunteer labour support.
  22. When you reach the 50% and then the 75% marks, call out to all the kind and generous souls out there who made it possible.
  23. Tag five friends per social media share and invite them to re-share, increasing visibility as you inch closer to your target.
  24. Take a hot bath every night to relax.
  25. Blog about your fundraising journey.
  26. Now share the blog post link on social media!
  27. Write an update to your fundraiser story to let everyone know where you stand.
  28. When you meet your target, thank donors from the heart on social media. Send presents/rewards/thank you-notes out.
  29. Collect funds! Put them to use!
  30. Send donors your project report so they know how they helped make a difference through crowdfunding India.
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