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Worker Misclassification Initiative Brings Greater Enforcement

In 2011, the Department of Labor signed a memorandum of understanding with the Department of Revenue establishing what has come to be known the ‘Worker Misclassification Initiative’. The goal of

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How To Pick Stunning Necklace Set At Online

Jewellery plays significant role in the women dream as well as regular living life. The women who have to go to attend the party or other wedding events like to

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How To Drive Safely Near Tractor Trailers And Avoid Accidents

On Monday afternoon, April 24, 2017, four Langston Hughes High School students got killed and one got injured in a collision between two vehicles in south Fulton County, GA. The

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Food Establishment Audits

How can you prepare for a food hygiene inspection? When the Food Standards Agency/local authority calls on you they do it unannounced but you can be proactive and carry out

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