America’s most Expensive Homes for Sale

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Overall, prices of real estate are quite high nowadays. In real estate industry mainly the price of a property is determined by the location, interest rates and economic condition. Most luxurious houses in the United States range from $75 million up to $300million. The majority of the most expensive homes for sale are located in New York and Los Angeles and the homeowners are generally rich public figures and Hollywood stars, such as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Barbara Streisand, Steve Cohen, Demi Moore and others.


Here is the list of three most outrageously expensive homes for sale in America.

1.Palazzo di Amore This precious mansion is owned by real estate investor Jeff Greene. This is a huge house located in Los Angeles which has 35,000-square-foot main house and some additional 15,000-square-foot for entertaining areas, such as dance floor, large theater, bowling alley. It has a vineyard which produces over 500 cases of wine a year. So, if you want to be the new owner of the house, take $195 million with you and go to buy it.

  1. Le Palais Royal This is a mega house designed in Palace of Versailles in Paris style located in Florida. In the house one can find accommodations worth millions of dollars, such as marble staircase worth $2 million or the first IMAX Theater ever contracted for private use and many other expensive accommodations. To be the owner of all this luxury, you only need to have some $159 million.
  2. Former Danny Thomas Estate:- This is third one in our list of the most expensive homes for sale in America. This extravagant house in designed in Moorish style with gold-leafed and painted ceilings, Baccarat chandeliers and custom carpets worth $2.5 million and of course, a great view of Los Angeles. To own this lavishness you will have to pay $135 million.
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