All about ITN Numbers and Car Imports

by Ismael Frederick | December 13, 2016 5:39 pm

Getting the best model car happens to be a great dream for many but people refrain from doing so owing to the fact that it is quite hard to carry out the whole process of import all by themselves. This has been effectively addressed with the introduction of car import services. There has been a huge sort of development in the car importing arena and there are a lot of new processes that are being introduced. If one feels that they do not have the necessary expertise and time to handle such long and tedious processes then they can very well choose to go with the car import services that are offered by some top notch professionals.

ITN number

One of the most important things to take note of as far as car imports are concerned is the ITN/AES number which is about filing for crossing the border. This is a highly important process that can never be skipped at any cost. For any purchases over $2500, one should file and get the ITN number along with the proof of ownership to get through the border. The Internal Transaction Number should be present in the export document prior to transporting the car.Image result for All about ITN Numbers and Car Imports

All the filings with regard to the import activity should be carried out promptly and all documents should be produced at the time of crossing. When you hire professional services, nearly all the tasks and processes are taken care by them and there is little for you to involve in it except for the purpose of receiving it on your end. When buying from US and shipping it back to Canada, one should also keep the ITN number Canada[1] ready as it is absolutely important for one to check and receive it 72 hours prior to the crossing of the border.

There is some top notch and reputed car import service providers who are able to offer ultimate, high end and professional kind of car import services. All that one needs to do is to choose over an appropriate package from their business website and furnish the necessary information and the rest will be taken care of. The car import service provider provides for best kind of customer support from the start to the end making the whole process of transition quite easy to handle. There are also additional services and benefits that are offered by the providers and one should be aware all the details regarding the transfer.

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