7 Ways to Start a Small Business Without It Taking Over Your Life

by Jena Shepherd | February 10, 2017 11:09 am

Owning a small business and balancing your career at the same time isn’t the easiest thing, but it can be done. We suggest these seven small business tips[1] to help you along the way to making your side business successful.

1. Have Your Family Help You
Have members of your family help you out by answering phones, filling orders, or stuff envelopes. With your family helping, you’ll be able to accomplish more in a shorter amount of time, and they’ll also feel like they’re an important part of your business.

2. Get Ready to Sacrifice Your Personal Time
With juggling both your job and business, you won’t really have the time to watch television, read books, or do any of the hobbies you enjoy doing. Make sure that giving it all up is really worth it, or your small business and your job both are going to be affected.Related image

3. Focus on Whatever Task That You’re Currently Doing
When you are at work, focus only on your work. Don’t get distracted by thinking of your business.

4. Use All of Your Time Wisely
Make any calls needed early in the morning or during your lunch hour. Do any unfinished paperwork during your train or bus commute.

5. Capitalize on Technology and Any Time-Zone Differences
Use e-mail and faxes to communicate with your clients at any given time. If you have clients that are in other countries or states, use the time-zone difference to your advantage by calling in the morning or after you get off work.

6. Don’t Exceed Your Limits
Making personal business calls while at your job or using your boss’ equipment or supplies for the benefit of your own business is unacceptable.

7. Be Upfront and Honest
Only you know your situation, but it’s usually a good idea to tell your boss the truth about your part-time business. As long as it doesn’t conflict with your job, most employers won’t really mind. You will also benefit from being honest instead of making them feel like you’re hiding something.

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