What bankers are talking about: Dmitry Leus on the past, present and future

What bankers are talking about: Dmitry Leus on the past, present and future
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If the banking sector feels stagnation, which many analysts and financiers are speaking about, the economist and financier Dmitry Leus believes that the nearest future does not forecast any crisis or collapse. The full text of the interview can be found by the link: https://dmitryleus70.wordpress.com/

About the bright future of banking

Dmitry assumes that slow stagnation may be expected in the future. It will cause some changes in approaches to the main activities of banks and transformation of the strategies of their work for the sake of efficiency.
Also, Dmitry Leus reminds that it is the situation in the market that determines the popularity of a banking product. Dmitry stresses that consumer loans became popular only because the risk associated with this product is rewarded with the relevant income.Image result for What bankers are talking about

Mortgage and loan – what’s on “top”?

According to Dmitry Leus, banks are now increasing their mortgage portfolio very slowly, and availability of special funding plays not the least role here. As a result, we observe formation of a professional team, opening offices and investments in IT structure. However, due to the tangible consequences of the global crisis in 2009, banks had to stop their activity in this segment. Refinancing tools were used later, but as Dmitry says, they have not proved to be effective, as the margin in this segment has decreased.

Under such market conditions, banks should work to improve business strategy, which would be consistent with the current situation and made the bank a strong player in the market. Therefore, banks must concentrate on work and development in the direction of providing credits to a small cheque, but with large volumes and refunds for all operations within 2-3 years.


According to Dmitry, many banks are working to re-enter the mortgage segment in the market, but perhaps not in such volumes as before. Consumer crediting remains the core activity for many banks, with the simultaneous development of such services as mortgage, lending to small and medium businesses, and later – corporate credits.

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