Understanding What Halal Certification Is All About

Understanding What Halal Certification Is All About
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The term Halal is one that many people haven’t heard before. It refers to the Arabic practice of making sure that food is of a certain dietary standard. This standard was described in the Koran and all of this food has to be stored or made according to Islamic law. A food cannot receive halal certification if it doesn’t meet certain standards. Here’s what these standards are.

No Pork Products or Alcohol

In order for foods to have received halal certification, they can’t contain pork products. Pork is considered to be unclean and eating them isn’t allowed. Even a little bit of pork, such as pork broth or pork gelatin, is not permitted under any circumstances. The same goes for alcohol. No alcoholic products can be included in the food, even if only a few teaspoons were added for flavor.

A Muslim Has To Do the Slaughtering For Meat

It doesn’t matter what standards are practiced, if a Muslim doesn’t do the slaughtering, the meat won’t be considered halal. The person slaughtering the animal must first say a blessing and then slaughter the animal by hand. They can’t use a machine to kill them. The slaughter can’t take place when other animals are around and the animal must be kept as comfortable as possible during the sacrifice. A sharp object has to be used as it can speed up the process of killing the animal and keep them from suffering unnecessarily. Afterwards, all of the blood must be drained from the carcass so it is hung upside down. Muslims are not allowed to ingest animal blood.

The Animal Has To Live a Pure Life

In order for an animal to be considered a halal food, it has to have had a pure life. The animal shouldn’t have been mistreated in any way. Similar to free range or grass fed animals, they should have been allowed to roam as freely as possible and not have been confined to a cage for extended periods of time. They should also only been given clean water and food that didn’t have by products in them. They will have been given a vegetarian diet throughout their entire lives. This is why only wild caught fish are considered halal as it’s uncertain as to whether or not farm raised fish were ever given food with any animal byproducts in them. It’s necessary to know what food an animal has been given and how they have been treated their entire lives for them to be given Halal certification in Singapore.

Some may feel that Halal certification is very strict and difficult to obtain but according to Halalxpert, you are able to get it if you were to have a great consultant to handle it for you. However, it can ensure that an individual is eating foods that were only raised and killed for consumption in a human way. The premise behind treating these animals so kindly is that the Koran makes it clear that no one should put pressure of any kind on animals. Therefore, it’s necessary to treat them humanely at all times, even when they are being slaughtered for consumption.

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