Need Emergency Cash?

by Dominic Ortiz | March 28, 2018 9:45 am


Emergencies do not come with a warning, but definitely leave you with one. A warning to think hard, act and tackle the situation but just in case you haven’t saved enough for this, you may have a rough ride. Emergencies can occur in the form of unexpected illness or travel, job loss, major moves or household repairs, lifestyle troubles and a backup plan is always recommended, but sometimes for things that run out of your plan, you may have a bitter pill to swallow. To weather the storm of all your financial emergencies, we have got you saved with our CASHe App. Through its instant personal loan[1], CASHe gives you the reassurance of knowing that you now have money to fall back on during an unexpected life occurrence.

Being in control of your finances is a great stress reliever. While we move ahead in life with growing expenses but steady income we learn the art of saving and great calculations and math let you master this art. Right Calculations are not every person’s cup of tea. While they can go wrong, borrowing money is your last resort because small emergencies can be rolled with small savings but a big one has a disaster written all over it. Savings in the form of investments are fruitful with returns but encashing them can take a while.


Talking about investments; the most common form being a recurring/savings deposit with your bank which comes with a lock-in period, making it a little difficult to be utilized. Mr. PAUL (name changed for anonymity) our customer had a similar recurring deposit account with his bank. While he was in need of urgent cash for his friend’s emergency (medical bills) he found it difficult to use the money lying in this account due to the lock-in period it carried and the penalty interest rates that could have been charged for premature withdrawal. While he was facing a situation back against the wall, he found out about the CASHe APP[2] and within the next few minutes confirmed the application with CASHe for borrowing an amount with utmost speed and security. His experience with CASHe was so good that he chose to endorse the App as the most convenient lender with most efficient procedures of documentation and approving a loan. He uses the APP frequently and is very happy with the fact that he could help his friend with instant cash during his contingencies without having to lose his own interest money on bank deposits.

Experiences let you learn, grow and make wiser decisions for the next similar situation but the discussion on whether a saving is more convenient or borrowing is always debatable. Although financial experts hold an opinion to always hold greater savings as against big adversities, but a big saving for these big adversities usually is equal to your one months’ salary. Therefore a well-established plan for your emergency needs is always recommended but when you have a situation there, don’t worry and feel free to borrow. Borrowing could be worrisome but to make it stress-free, CASHe is always there to your rescue. Download the CASHe today!


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