Important Matters About The Grandest Investment – The Belt and Road Initiative

Important Matters About The Grandest Investment – The Belt and Road Initiative
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The Belt and Road initiative is considered as the grandest project ever if pushed through. This is a project born from China and it meant to connect with about 65 countries. These targeted countries are not just any countries but the most productive ones.

A lot has been said about this initiative like it is mainly political to protect the investments of China and that it is too huge and a lot more. If you are following the development of Belt and Road initiative, you can start doing so by checking some of its important matters below:

  • This project is inspired by the ancient trade routes. This aims to connect to the different parts of the world like Europe and Asia. This plans to construct 6 corridors that will connect to their targeted countries and thus it goes without saying that this will also open up a lot of jobs for the people.
  • This is open to all countries and it is said that this is China’s contribution to the world. This aims to help those countries who are being neglected by the West and through this bridge, their potential businesswise should be maximized. Though there are some controversies that China is just trying to strengthen their influence in the world, such issues are just neglected by the author of Belt and Road initiative.
  • The initiative attracts a lot of support. In fact, more than 100 countries are claiming to be a pro for this project and more than 40 have already affixed their signatures. Some of the countries that already show support are Russia’s president, Pakistani’s prime minister and still a lot more.

What can you say about this billion dollar project proposed by China? Are you a pro or an anti?

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