How to Work With a Professional Headhunter

How to Work With a Professional Headhunter
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If you are considering partnering with a professional headhunter Chicago to help enhance your job search results, congratulations! Working with a seasoned, experienced financial advisor recruiter can be the perfect way to help solidify for your search efforts and help you land your next career opportunity.

If you’ve never worked with a professional headhunter Chicago during a job search, the process, at first, can seem a bit overwhelming. With so many search firms to choose from, partnering with the right financial services recruiting team can feel challenging at best. Of course, finding the right teams to work with is only the first piece of the equation for success. Once you’ve honed in on the right headhunter Chicago companies to entrust with your search, there are things to consider ensuring that your job hunt proceeds as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.

Do your research: Randomly selecting financial advisor recruiting teams for your search can prove disastrous. Unprofessional and unethical firms can quickly ruin your reputation as a candidate and could have hiring firms avoiding your application at all costs. Research on the most reputable financial services recruiting companies in your area and quickly put your candidacy in the best light possible.3

Partner with a firm: Once you’ve officially teamed up with a firm, trust them to manage your application process from start to finish. Remember, they have the professional relationship with the managers at the company that you’re interviewing with. Never contact the hiring company without your headhunter Chicago knowing.

Be honest and professional: Many candidates mistakenly believe that the only way that they will be considered for a position is if they have every single needed skill and requirement on their resume; so they embellish their experience to match the position. This is a major no-no; always be up front and honest about your professional background and experience. It’s the only way your financial advisor recruiter can help you find a sustainable position.

Don’t waste their time: Most candidates know fairly quickly in the interview process if an opportunity sounds like a good fit for their specific needs. If you find yourself going further and further down a path towards a new position that isn’t what you’re looking for, let the Chicago financial advisors know as soon as possible so you’re not wasting precious time that could be spent sourcing other positions that could prove a better fit for you.

Don’t renege after you’ve accepted an offer: Sometimes candidates accept positions that they really don’t want to gain leverage with their existing employer. Don’t be one of them; accepting a job offer only to pull out of the process is a surefire way to have your headhunter Chicago place on you a “do not use” candidate list moving forward.

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