How to Start Making a Living from Trading

How to Start Making a Living from Trading
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Trading on the markets is something which many have heard of, and involves buying assets in the hope to sell them on at a higher price if/when their value rises. To make money from this will take time, dedication and the acceptance that it will not be an easy ride to riches. Here are some considerations.

Choose Markets Wisely

Every market which it is possible to invest in behaves differently in terms of its movements, and each will be suited to different budgets and personalities. There are markets for trading in gold, which is viewed as fairly safe since its value rarely drops, and markets which offer a variety of investment options like forex, where many different currencies are exchanged.

Choosing a market you can work with is essential in staying motivated and learning how to make money from trading. Look out for the volatility of any given market and think about how much you would like to be making over specific time periods.


Research is probably the most useful asset you have when approaching trading, as it will teach you how markets behave and hopefully how to minimise failure. If you are investing in stocks and shares, you can research different companies to see which are performing well and may see their share value rising.

Learning how to develop a trade strategy will be make or break, and learning how to adapt this strategy to the way markets constantly fluctuate will be challenging at first, yet rewarding in the long run. This can only be achieved through experience and research.

Start Off Small

The term ‘small’ can have different connotations for different people, but, in essence, only use money that you can afford to lose. Some brokers offer accounts geared towards people who trade larger volumes, like FxPro’s premium accounts, but it is probably best to start trading in small volumes until you get a feel for your chosen market.

Since profit is never guaranteed from any given investment, smaller investments mean smaller potential losses, and you should learn to accept that losses come with the territory. Learning how to manage a small amount of money on the markets will set you up for handling larger volumes later on.

Making money on the markets is by no means easy, and should be approached with the same hard work and dedication as any skill which needs development. With a variety of investment options, make sure you are as well informed as can be before you look to make a long term living from trading.

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